The Story of the Others

The oldest of the old who inhabited these lands told that the greatest gods, those who birthed the world, did not all think alike.
In other words they did not have the same thought, but rather each one had their own thought and among them they respected each other and listened.
The oldest of the old say that it was like that per se, because if it had not been like that, the world never would have been born because in sheer fighting the first gods would have passed the time, because their thought that they felt was different.
The oldest of the old say that that is why the world came out with many colors and forms, as many as there were thoughts in the greatest gods, the very first ones.
Seven were the greatest gods, and seven the thoughts that each one had, and seven times seven are the forms and colors with which they dressed the world. Viejo Antonio tells me that he asked the oldest of the old what the first gods did to come to agreement and talk to each other if it is that their thoughts that they felt were so different.
The oldest old ones responded to him, Viejo Antonio tells me, that there was an assembly of the seven gods together with each one’s seven different thoughts, and that in that assembly they worked out the agreement.
Viejo Antonio says that the oldest old ones said that that assembly of the first gods, those who birthed the world, was a long time before yesteryear, that it was right in the time in which there was still no time. And they said that in that assembly each one of the first gods said their word and they all said: “My thought that I feel is different from that of the others.” And so the gods stayed quiet because they realized that, when each one said “the others,” they were talking about different “others.”
After a while in which they were silent, the first gods realized that they already had a first agreement and it was that there were “others” and that those “others” were different from the one that was. Therefore the first agreement that the very first gods had was to recognize difference and accept the existence of the other. And what solution was left for them if they were all gods per se, all first, and they had to accept each other because there was not one who was more or less than the others, but rather they were different and had to walk like that.
After that first agreement the discussion continued, because one thing is to recognize that there are other different ones and another very different thing is to respect them. Therefore they passed a good while talking and discussing how each one was different from the others, and it did not matter to them that they delayed in this discussion because there was still no time per se.
Then everyone was quiet and each one talked of their difference and each other one of the gods who listened realized that, listening and knowing the differences of the other, more and better one knows oneself in what one had of difference. So they all became very happy and got to dancing and took a long while but it did not matter to them because in that time there was still no time.
After the dance that they had the gods worked out the agreement that it is good for there to be others who are different and that we must listen to them to know ourselves.
And then after this agreement they went to sleep because they were very tired from having danced so much. They were not tired from talking because, per se, they were very good at talking these first gods, those who birthed the world, and who were just now learning to listen.
I was not aware at what time Viejo Antonio left. The sea now sleeps and of the candle stub only a small deformed wax stain remains. Above the sky begins to dilute its black in the light of tomorrow…

Originally published on January 20th, 1998.

English translation copyright © 2014 by Henry Gales. All rights reserved.

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